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Screen Printing

Our Computerized Color Matching System

Once we receive your design, the artwork is separated by color, and placed onto film positives. Each film positive is then transferred onto one screen.

Screen Preparation:
A screen is made from a polyester fabric stretched over a wood or aluminum frame. The fabric is coated with a light-sensitive emulsion, then exposed to light with the film positive to reproduce the image on the screen. The screen is then checked by the Screen Technician and sent to production.

Apparel Selection:
This is a simple process of matching a garment style and color to fit your design and budget. We are available to assist you in determining the best garment for your design.

On The Press:
Each individual screen is registered to combine into one final print. After color and quality are approved, the garment is then loaded and printed. The press operator inspects the quality and sends the garment through a dryer. The garment goes through a final inspection before being folded and boxed.

Printing Process

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