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Promotional Products - your 24 hour salesperson!

We all have seen promotional products and perhaps you use them in your business. Be it a pen, mug, ballcap flashlight, etc. if it has your advertising message on it, it's a promotional product.

Examples of Advertising Specialties

Examples of Advertising Specialties

Some Uses of Promotional Products:

Build Customer Loyalty
Promote Customer Referrals
Employee Recognition
Sales Meetings
Business or Executive Gifts
Speakers Gifts
Vehicle or Equipment Identification
Business Anniversaries
Customer Relations
Improve Direct Mail Response
Political Campaigns
Family Reunions
The Possibilities are Endless!

"How will using promotional Products benefit me?"

Virtually all companies (clubs, teams, organizations, churches, associations, schools, etc.), from large corporations & franchises, to independent Reps & agents, use Advertising Specialties. Chances are you have a pen in your desk with a company name on it. Check your fridge, you're almost guaranteed to see a magnet with a company name on it!

An advertising specialty is a product bearing a company logo (or other identification) which is given away to customers or potential customers normally for the purpose of generating name recognition or goodwill. A good example of an advertising specialty is a calendar given by a business to its customers as a Christmas present. Other common examples include imprinted pens, key chains and wearable products such as baseball caps and T-shirts. The five perceived principal strengths of specialty advertising are its target ability, its lasting ability, its creative impact, its ability to ingratiate and its applications flexibility.

Pens, calendars, business cards...

Key chains...


Examples of Advertising Specialties


Advertising specialties keep your business name in front of the public and your regular as well as your potential customers. They are used in promotional marketing campaigns, incentives to buy additional goods and services, and business gifts throughout the year.

On our web pages you will find everything (and anything) you will need in the way of advertising specialties to promote your business, association, club and even your high school, college or military reunion. Some of the promotional items and business gifts you will find here include: buttons, balloons, t-shirts, coffee mugs, glasses, staff and golf shirts, magnets, caps and hats, calendars, jars, golf items, bumper strips, pen and pencil sets and even luggage, to mention just a few promotional marketing, incentives and premium ideas. All wearable items such as shirts, caps and hats can be embroidered as well as silk screened.

We are sure you will find something that will tickle your fancy and satisfy your needs. We will save you time effort and money!

We guarantee quality imprinted products at very competitive prices.

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